What The Media Is Telling You (Not!)

“Robert James Talbot Jr, suspected of acts of terrorism against official government buildings is to go to court for a trial and if convicted, will face up to twenty years in jail.”

“Wait, what?! How come I never heard of this Robert Talbot dude?”

Well if you are the average American who comes home after a tiring day at work, you will want to sit down and watch some news on the television to see what’s going on in the outside world. But chances are you wouldn’t hear about him from mainstream media. For more about this Robert Talbot dude, click on the link.

“But, he seemed like a dangerous criminal who was capable of causing great mayhem, so why wasn’t this story on ABC World News?”

Long story short, the media is biased and wants to keep up its own image of what it wants to portray to its viewers.

“So if the news are not telling us about such a story, what exactly are they telling us?”

Sorry to say. but, honestly you are learning close to none about a topic if all you’re doing is getting the news from a tv these days.

Most of us know that Fox News is not much of a legit news source but because most people focus their hatred on it, other stations tend to get away with it. (I’m looking at you CNN). But before you bring out the pitchforks and torches demanding quality news, know that although the news station has a part with the biased information, it all boils down to the source of this bias: government regulation.

When government regulation is in effect, the propaganda can affect the citizens way of thinking so they are for the government no matter how bad the situation. And what better way for the government to persuade us Americans to help with their own agenda than use the most common device found in our living rooms against us? Even in politics, the person who has the most coverage on local, state, and even national news, are most likely the next candidates to be our leaders.

You know the phrase “Repeat something enough and people will start to believe its true.” Well it goes along well here with the biased media. The same happened with climate change and its level of threat. When news stations say time to time that climate change is nothing to be worried about, then people start slowly believing it and continue burning fossil fuels to no ends. It’s not just with global weather but also crises in countries elsewhere.

Take a look at the Palestinian – Israeli conflict going on in the Gaza strip and West Bank Many people are pro-Israeli saying due to the coverage it has on national media like CBS and ABC. They would claim the exact number of deaths for Isreal but when it comes to Palestine, “there were several.”

What exactly is “several”?

Several” of these casualties would be around close to a thousand deaths on the Palestinian’s side but because the government is pro Israel due to the support it receives from them, the government wanted the public also with them so it regulated what we saw on the news to ensure what they do would not be wrong.

These are just few of many examples that show how media is being regulated so the government will have its way. So yes, now you may bring out the pitchforks and torches and point it against the government and demand for better news coverage (in the form of a petition that is).