Chad Tough

There is nothing quiet like the Michigan community. Strangers I meet in class, or on the street, are friends, and alumni around the world are always lending a helping hand. Its a team we are all on that supports each other through our victories and adversities. The block “M” isn’t just a logo, it is a symbol that shows family. When everyone gathers together on game day in the Big House, the community becomes one and rallies together. While in attendance at the Michigan Minnesota game, many fans were shocked with terrible news. The grandson of former Michigan head football coach, Lloyd Carr, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Michigan fans showed their unconditional support and screamed for their new captain, Chad Carr, with triumphant and booming “Chad Tough” chants. The smile on the little boy was something to be seen and made me realize what it meant to be a wolverine and why I am here at the University of Michigan.

Chad Carr is a four year old with an inoperable brain tumor. He will have to go through weeks of radiation therapy and battle odds that are not in his favor. Despite this, I know there is hope and this little boy can perceiver. There is so much love and support from wolverines of all kinds to give Chad the care he needs and deserves. There are doctors working none stop to make sure Chad has a one hundred percent recovery. These doctors, that are responsible for saving lives like Chad’s, amaze me with what they do on a daily basis. They are truly in the business of saving lives and have sacrificed so much to keep doing what they do.


This got me thinking about college, and more specifically why we have college. Louis Menand’s, “Live and Learn” came to mind and I began to realize and understand the true meaning of higher education in America. Within the article, three theories discuss the importance and relevance of college and it was after today’s game where I discovered the theory I most connect with. At first, I thought college was in place to separate the smart from the less educated (theory one). However, it was Chad Carr, and the doctors that are taking care of him, who changed my mind and let me see the answer. The purpose of college is to develop individuals with “specialized knowledge and skill” (theory three). It is to help someone be the best they can be in a specific field and succeed. It is to help someone become the doctor that saves lives like Chad’s. 

Chad Carr has been dealt a very tough hand. It isn’t fair that a boy so young has to go through all that hardship and pain. It will be a long journey but the fact that recovery is possible and the thought of him leading a normal life is still alive, shows that anything is possible. Chad Carr has Michigan’s and the nation’s support, and while Michigan keeps creating the leaders and the best, I know other colleges across the country are doing the same. College all over the world are pushing students to be the best and helping students develop skills that will help people just like Chad.

Being a Wolverine means I will make a difference. It means I will be the best in which ever field I choose. It means I will support my family in Ann Arbor and be “Chad Tough” as I chase my dream.


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  1. jacobmduska · September 30, 2014

    I think this blog is really great. It puts an emphasis on all the things the Michigan community does for each other. The news about Chad is extremely tough, knowing that it could be a small chance that he is able to make it through this. It is then when we rely on our doctors to save a life that we love. I really liked how you were able to draw out one of Menands theories, and compare it to this story. At first I was more of a theory 1 person, yet now that I see a different side I have changed my mind. It is remarkable the things that they are doing for chad in the hospitals and in the Michigan community, and I hope he is able to make it through. Good blog, very interesting and informative.


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