The Institution That Changed My Life

Upon deciding which university to attend for the next four years, I took many factors into consideration. Weighing these advantages and disadvantages was often times overwhelming and a bit stressful, however it led me here to the University of Michigan. While reading countless academic handouts of each of the nine schools I applied to, everything started to blur together. However, once I stepped foot in Ann Arbor, I knew that those seemingly dull pamphlets weren’t lying; this place is truly exceptional.

Michigan Stadium, otherwise known as “The Big House”, is home to some of the most passionate football fans in the country.


One word comes to mind when I describe my time at Michigan so far: opportunity. U of M gives you the opportunity to have the world at your fingertips, to embrace the irresistible school spirit that consumes the majority of the student population on game day, to have the ability to tap into your artistic side, and to meet the most inspiring and intelligent people you will ever encounter in your life. This superior education allows a person to grow as an individual and find out who they truly are. Louis Menand, an American writer and Pulitzer Prize winner, developed three theories regarding education in Live and Learn: Why We Have College. His second theory, regarding autonomy as the central purpose of education, relates almost identically to the ideals here at the University of Michigan.

Menand himself states, “there is stuff that every adult ought to know, and college is the best delivery system for getting that stuff into people’s heads.” So while grades are an enormous part of college, they are not the sole purpose for obtaining an education. Leaving home, whether your commute is 10 minutes or 10 hours, allows individuals to more thoughtfully develop their personal goals, ideals and philosophies that may have once been considered taboo in high school. This enlightenment is something that everyone will take with them for the rest of their life. All universities foster a sense of independence and self-discovery to an extent, although the University of Michigan takes the extra step in ensuring their students obtain a fabulous education, both in and out of the classroom.

Festifall is Michigan’s largest campus involvement day, displaying the school’s 1200 clubs and student organizations throughout the Diag.

Ranked as the fourth best public university by U.S. News and World Report, the University of Michigan has gained national and international attention as one of the world’s truly great institutions. With over 19 schools and colleges within the university and 250 degree programs, it is no wonder why this school has gained so much positive publicity in recent years. Aside from the outstanding academia, U of M has 29 Division 1 men’s and women’s athletic teams, advanced research opportunities for undergraduate students, over 1200 student-led organizations, countless on-campus museums, more than 600 global initiative sites, and a diverse population filled with students from all different backgrounds. This university is based on promoting individual growth and allowing students to find where they belong. With some of the best faculty and staff in the country, this university enforces that education is more than just getting good grades, but rather discovering who you are a person. I think Menand would be impressed.

The University of Michigan seal, featuring the school’s motto, “Arts, Knowledge, Truth”.

Now I could keep rattling off statistics proving why this superlative university is so impressive, but most of you already know that by now. What I find most important about this university the sense of community and leadership almost every student portrays throughout their daily life. We are proud to be at Michigan and to gain an education that will not only help us get a job, but also fulfill our life with a true sense of belonging. In the short time I have had the privilege to be a Wolverine, I have discovered why this university is so world-renowned. I am constantly inspired by those around me and I am looking forward to furthering my education, both personally and academically during my time at Michigan.


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  1. mollygrant41 · October 22, 2014

    I agree with your blog post. Similarly, I applied to ten schools and ultimately chose Michigan because of the programs that make it unique, such as the Michigan Research Community. My hometown is only an hour and a half away and at first, I thought I would be too close to home, but now that I am here, I do truly feel that sense of independence you were talking about. It is crazy to think that of all the students here, none of us are exactly alike, and that independence really allows us to discover who we are and what makes us tick, per se. With all the opportunities presented to us, both inside and outside the classroom, I agree with you when you mention the feeling of community here on campus and I think that is to thank for the plethora of options that exist for us to take advantage of and really make the most of our experience here.


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