American Sports and Pastimes – Trollope

The question of national sport has been brought to surface in recent times. The reason this is so, –why sport is being questioned in America– could be rather simple.

Perhaps to answer this question of national sport demands a bit more than the viewership numbers. Our friends to the north, who immediately we would believe have a national sport none other than Ice Hockey, are actually represented by multiple sports. Both the great sport on ice, and, in the summertime, the sport of Lacrosse, are considered the national sports of the Canadian land. It has been found nearly impracticable to establish lacrosse as a national television power, nonetheless bring national attention to their professional organization. Perhaps the reasoning behind this being selected as a national sport can be explained by different means. These same means can then be applied to the United States, –essentially creating definitive logic behind the selection of our national pastime.

In Canada, –When ice hockey started becoming popular this is– many feared lacrosse, which undeniably came first in the country, would lose it’s reputation as the countries premier pastime. In fact it did. Perhaps it was the wild availability of hockey, or could it have been the success on a national level?

1879 Montreal Shamrock Lacrosse Team

Something lacrosse knew nothing about. Or Nevertheless, ice hockey has taken over as the sport of Canada, but the nation allows lacrosse to maintain it’s title. Because of this, can we have a similar method of finding out such in America?

It may be doubted whether men may make a determination or if women shall scoff at the notion. In order to properly announce a pastime, we, as both players and spectators, must be inclusive of women’s athletic endeavors as well in thy decision. The scoff from the women, –because the revenue is not nearly generated on a comparable level– is to be deemed irrelevant. Because of this, –my fellow Americans this may be– the two immediate selections by would likely have been determined to be baseball or football . I propose we have watched out of the covert within human eyes that the selection clearly be baseball and football — Indeed much to be compared with that of the Canadian motive.

Indeed baseball has been deemed a pastime for us fellow Americans through history, the representation of culture, — through aspects and varieties of the game — is what makes it so.Perhaps what makes baseball the most unique is that it embodies many non-domestic attributes, those of which I will explain further in detail.

The culture, –of America that it is so — revolves around time. A hustle and race against the clock if you will. There is confusion and complication of everything as it is brings the notion of stress to the surface. Baseball embodies the opposite — no clock — no rush — no complications. Calmness and clarity are prevalent. Much like lacrosse, baseball shall be allowed to maintain its position as the American sport, but it is without doubt that football in recent times must be joining as well.

Football has been closely followed by Americans for just a half-decade. Previously to that, baseball certainly reigned supreme. Since the 60’s, — the conception of the NFL that is– it has constantly been growing with no signs of slowing down. Fan followings, ticket sales, television exposures, have all exploded since then. Having the date of Sunday set each week for spectators to collectively gather in support of their team offers a different dynamic than baseball.There is still not a large worldwide playing of the sport, but that is what makes it our sport in essence. The NFL’s always-rising fortunes also result from gambling, including fantasy football. While in other countries this could be frowned upon, this is truly what the American way has become. Perhaps this is what makes it ever so popular, but either way, it is undeniable that football has become the perennial power, from youth, to college, to pros.

In the end, it has become clear that the NFL has become the most popular sport amongst American. While baseball deserves to maintain it’s reputation as America’s Pastime, it is apparent that the ever growing popularity, based on numbers and figures, as well as the growth in youth sports. We can expect the trend to continue, but between the two endeavors, America is well represented.