Spectator: The Demise of Sportsmanship in Competitive Games

I recently attended a University of Michigan soccer game and a hockey game. While I have seen many hockey games at Yost, this was the first soccer game that I have attended at the University. Perhaps unmindful of the hockey team’s student section, I was shocked by the blatant disrespect of the soccer team’s student section towards the opposing team.  Read More


LSA Theme Events

As part of the LSA theme semester the Hatcher Library Gallery has hosted numerous speakers that are in someway involved in sports. Recently I have attended talks by Andrea Joyce and Amy Perko. While the talks focused on very different sports related ideas, each event identified as relevant to our political science class. NBC sports reporter, Andrea Joyce predominantly focused on her experience with gender ideals working in a male dominated field as a woman. Amy Perko, on the other hand, spoke about her involvement with the Knight Commission, an organization that focuses on the treatment of student athletes.

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NCAA: Concerned with Money or Players?

Early on this semester we discussed the rights of college athletes as prompted by Charles Pierce’s article “Dispatches From the NCAA’s Deathbed”. Pierce speaks on the issue of personhood and the basis of whether or not athletes are having their rights taken away by being held to the strict rules of the NCAA. Currently I am enrolled in Sociology 102 and we have also touched on the topic of the NCAA’s involvement with student athletes.

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Did Semenya Ever Stand a Chance?


The University of Michigan Big House

Attending a university as large as The University of Michigan, sports play a predominantly large role in student’s lives. Whether students attend every Michigan football game, read ESPN’s sports coverage daily, or are only informed of the latest sports news via social media, sports are almost inescapable on campus. Few people however, spend their time pondering the importance of sports. The study of sports is essential, as they tend to reflect preexisting social notions. The LSA Theme semester allows students to better understand the relationship between sports and society by analyzing their purpose and further provoking cultural awareness.

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Spectator Perceptions Harming the Credibility of Athletes

ESPN The Magazine’s annual Body Issue pays tribute to the time and effort that athletes dedicate to their bodies and ultimately their careers. An athlete’s body is their greatest tool in furthering their careers. In order to be successful, athletes undergo intense training designed to improve and maintain their bodies so that they may deliver their greatest performances. Due to the physical intensity of their jobs, many individuals expect athletes to have unattainable body images. Prince Fielder, 275-pound baseball player, shocked readers by his cover of ESPN The Magazine’s 2014 Body Issue due to his unexpected physical appearance.

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The Importance of Campus Involvement

At the University of Michigan acclimating to University life can be a difficult task. Students are welcomed into a growing community of over 28,000 undergraduate students, as well as over 15,000 graduate school students and faculty personnel. Each person enrolled at the university has proven their academic capabilities through their high school test scores and applications. Louis Menand argues in his second theory that colleges and universities sort the intelligent from the less intelligent and distinguish the successful from the less successful using grades. However, a students grades can be positively and negatively affected by many things. Clubs and organizations have become the most recognizable tool for improving a students success by minimizing one’s community size and providing students with an outlet at which they can become more actively involved on campus. Read More