My High School Golf Team with a Machiavellian Twist

As an avid golfer in high school, I spent most of my days practicing and playing competitive golf. I started out freshmen year with a serious approach for the game, but knew I needed the right mentors to take my game to that “next level”.

Niccolò Machiavelli author of The Prince

Fortunately, I was on a team with a great group of players and coaches you embodied Machiavellian principles that allowed my teammates and myself to excel in competition.




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Thomas “Selfish” Hobbes

Are human-beings truly selfish? If you asked Thomas Hobbes he would say with 100% assurance yes. Hobbes believed that the only escape from a self-focused world is by entering social contracts. This would entail surrendering individual interests in exchange for social security. However, myself on the other hand would have to disagree with this statement. I believe you can still maintain your individual interests and achieve social security simultaneously.

Thomas Hobbes

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The Process of Change: Professional Sports vs. College Club Sports

The amending of rules in professional sports is not something that happens quickly. When changes are actually made, it usually involves many months or years of methodical deliberation. If there was one person who I feel embodies methodical deliberation it would be Edmund Burke. He believed all decision-making should never be rushed and that a conservative approach is the best approach. When Major League Baseball (MLB) finally decided to implement instant replay challenging in the 2014 season, it was met with great jubilation because umpires had made very questionable errors leading up to this point. Although this augmentation might be thought to influence the traditional nature of the game, Burke would advocate that this decision would improve the justice of baseball.

Edmund Burke


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The Competitive Nature of Golf

Golf is one of the most demanding sports both mentally and physically. The game takes a toll on you physically which shows over time. The best players spend almost as much time in the gym as they do on the course. Golf can be connected to Eric Dunning’s “Dynamics of Modern Sport” because PGA Tour players are sacrificing a majority of their leisure time to become the best at their sport. In relation to Dunning’s philosophy; as PGA players become more competitive, their professionalism increases and amateur ethos becomes prevalent.

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College Interstate

As I was sitting at my dorm room desk grueling over another Calculus assignment, I thought to myself: why am I in college? The possible reasons were endless and ranged from “turning up” to establishing a solid track record before applying for a job. The truth is I did not have a definite answer, but to me, I felt college is something that most people feel is an obligation once completing high school. I walk through the motions, but I do not really take the time to think about why I am here and what I want to do with my college degree once I obtain it? I pondered numerous reasons that night before going to bed, in hope of reaching a concrete solution by morning, but unfortunately that was to no avail.

As I arrived in my 8:30 Political Science 101 class the next morning I realized the reading for Tuesday was titled “Why College?” by Louis Menand. I couldn’t believe it; how appropriate, maybe I would finally get a clearer understanding about college through an expertise’s viewpoint. As I was reading I realized how insightful as well as beneficial college is for future decision-making in any profession. Menand establishes two distinct theories about what college should be; theories that I believe will impact my life. Read More