My Learned Colleague, I Beg to Differ: The Demise of the NFL

Recently, I read a post by user shenwick entitled The Demise of the NFL.  The author argues that the NFL is responsible for players’ injuries and also for making the league safer.  He asserts that “it is morally appalling to let fans stand idly by and watch their favorite players destroy their bodies,” further asking “Is it right that retired players “can’t walk for any extended distance[s]” or “hurt like hell every morning when [they] wake up” for our entertainment?   While I do think player safety is important and an admirable thing to strive for, I can’t help but disagree.  So long as football continues to be football, injuries will happen, and there is only so much that the league can do.  Fans are not going to give up on the sport just because it is violent, and I do not think that players should solely be treated as victims in this situation.

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My learned Colleague I Beg to Differ: Women’s Sports and Coverage in the Mainstream Media

The blog post, “Women’s Sports and Coverage in the Mainstream Media” written by user ashdh, argues that women’s sports need to be covered on television more often. The author of this posts bases their argument off of Professor LaVaque-Manty’s chapter on Being a Women and Other Disabilities. The author goes on to speak about how women have been prevented from pursuing athletics as the same way as men. This part I feel is more true than blaming the lack of televised sports for women on gender norms and institutional barriers that have dictated what you can and can not do based on your gender. I am completely for pushing for more airtime for women’s sports, yet it needs to be understood that airtime is based off of revenue from the respected sport. In this, it is not that people are against women’s sports and don’t want them to be aired, it is about the big television stations that are in control of playing these sporting events based on the revenue they gain. More people are watching mens sports because of the level they play at compared to that of women’s sports, making it hard for them to become popular on television.

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